Caitlin Boyce


Visual art is what I turned to after I ran out of words. Beginning as a creative writer I felt as though I was searching for a better way to express my thoughts and emotions. In 1998 I began painting, discovering that visual art was a clearer form of communication...a perfect translation of sorts. What I choose to portray often varies, from a conversation to an abstract emotional portrait of someone I have known or a more concrete concept. I change mediums depending on what I feel would best express my thoughts and feelings, using a blend of mediums as well as found objects, photographs and writing in my work.

I attended the University of Idaho, Moscow and received a B.A in English Literature in 1999. After university I began traveling which led me to live in Taiwan for nearly 7 years. While residing in Taiwan I had several shows and was one of the first members of ScallArt Studios and Gallery based in Taichung City. Currently I reside in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with my husband Cam Boyce, a musician.

If you are interested in any of the work you have seen, feel free to contact me at:

I am also selling prints of my work. Please contact me with the size you would like!