Untitled Encaustic and graphite powder on wood 6 in x 3 in 2011


Not So Direct 12.5" x 9.5" Encaustic on wooden lid FOR SALE 2010

Saccade (Encaustic on wooden lid, 9" x 16", 2010)

Lost and Found Encaustic and mixed media on wooden lid. 2010

Heirloom 2011 Encaustic on wood 1.5ft x 1ft

Heirloom (Detail) 2011 Encaustic on wood

Sediments II 2011 Encaustic and copper on wood board 2.5ft x 2 ft

Sediments I 2011 Encaustic on wooden lid 12" x 9"


For some time now I have been wanting to explore the encaustic technique. These are some images of my first attempts. I am really enjoying this process which reminds me, at times, of alchemy. The medium is wonderfully involved and has been extremely rewarding thus far!